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Waterproof Shutters

Posted by Christopher Petrou on August 24, 2017 at 9:50 AM

Ever wondered what to dress your Bathroom and Ensuite windows with? The trouble is curtains and blinds attract mould when wet, and Showering or Bathing generates huge amounts of steam. The solution? At CP Shutters we have our Hollywood range. Crafted and designed to be 100% Waterproof, this amazing Shutter is created using Marine Grade Stainless Steel working parts and Hinges. You can literally point your Shower at it and the Shutter will remain undamaged. Easy to clean and perfect for privacy. Of course many Bathroom windows have frosted glass, but even silhouettes can be seen through these especially at night. Only a bespoke Shutter can offer an easy to clean, 100% private and practical solution.

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