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Split Louvre Shutters

Posted by Christopher Petrou on September 4, 2017 at 6:30 AM

Clients love the idea on being able to open certain sections of the bespoke interior Shutters and keep others closed. For example customer’s increasingly ask for the ability to open the top third or quarter of their window shutter while keeping the remaining sections closed. The advantage of this is most apparent in a bedroom, a client can get changed etc in their room, with the lower sections closed, yet leave the top open. This allows natural light into the room, but stops people looking in. If a window has a fan light, this is an ideal place to include a midrail, thus dividing the louvre sections, however some windows have no natural break, so another solution is required. Enter the split louvre, our Shutter mechanism can be designed to divide louvre sections without the requirement of a midrail. For a demonstration call us on 01702 68 69 70 and book a free survey!

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