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Its that time of year again....

Posted by CP Shutters on November 29, 2017 at 6:25 AM

It’s that time of year where the world goes crazy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals. It has always confused us at CP Shutters, does a reduction in an often over inflated price really make a difference? We opt to make our customers lives much more simple. We advertise our prices, all year around, inclusive of VAT, Delivery and Installation, fair, clear and easy.


To price our Shutters we simply choose a range, for example our LDF at £259 per square metre, measure the area of the window or door, say 1.5m2 and times them together, = £388.50.


It means our customers have a clear figure in mind often before we even turn up for a survey, plus they have the peace of mind that CP Shutters do not over inflate prices just to give fictitious discounts.

So if you would like a quote from the largest Shutter specialist in Essex who also happens to be Trading Standards Approved, call us today on 01702 68 69 70.


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