Shutters in Essex.

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At CP Shutters we have been established since 2007 and have built over 10,000 Interior Wooden Shutters to date. We are very proud of our number one reputation in Essex and have spent many years building relationships with our customers. 

If you want experience and quality, look no further than CP Shutters, our customer reviews speak for themselves!!

Featured Projects

In this section, we aim to give you an in-depth look into our past customers projects, how we met their brief, how the Shutters were tailored to their individual needs and give you a detailed look into cost. We have built, designed and installed over 9000 bespoke wooden window Shutters throughout Essex over the years, every single one being unique, every last one created with our customers needs at the forefront.

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Creativity and Shutters Combine, St Lukes Park, Runwell, Essex

It can be hard to make your mark on a new home, everything is a blank canvas and as a result, it takes real creativity to make a new home just that, a home. Our client and her interior designer Evelina from Polli Interior have buckets of creativity, and have come up with this incredible look for the house situated in St.Lukes Park Runwell. The final piece of the jigsaw was our Elmstead range of bespoke Shutters fitted throughout the home. Incredible results and a fantastic project to work on.

Project Details:  Windows: 7   Range: Elmstead, Blackmore & Fambridge Cost: Under £4600


Interior Design at its Best, Warley, Brentwood, Essex

Having been synonymous with premium quality Shutters for over ten years, here at CP Shutters we have built strong relationships with some of the finest interior specialists in Essex. Our Shutters are in high demand and can be found in some of the most beautiful homes throughout the County. An excellent example of this is this beautiful project completed in Warley, Brentwood with the aid of the most up and coming interior design company around, Polli Interior London. Evelina has a keen eye for design, and our Abberton range finished in the stunning Weathered Teak colour really compliments the overall aesthetic. 

Project Details:    Windows: 2    Range: Abberton   Cost: Under £2400


Beautiful Balcony Window & Doors, Benfleet, Essex

Once or twice a month we come across a project that is a little unusual. This beautiful master bedroom window was one such project. With gorgeous views of the sea, Shutter were the only window dressing that could do it justice. Many companies would have struggled to pull this off, but our extensive experience and versatile product meant we could make this Shutter with pinpoint precision. The result, a Shutter that will stand the test of time, and bring enjoyment for many years to come.

Project Details:    Windows: 1    Range: Elmstead & Abberton   Cost: Under £4500


Bay Windows & Straight Windows on a Bungalow, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

We see hundreds of clients and install thousands of Shutters every year, but some stick in your mind. This was the case with our clients in Leigh. Great people, with a gorgeous newly decorated bungalow. They needed simple, clean modern Shutters to compliment the high end interiors they had furnished their home with. We used our popular Elmstead LDF range in pure white. As you can see, we didn't disappoint. 

Project Details:    Windows: 4    Range: Elmstead   Cost: Under £3300


Elegantly Designed Home, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

Could you imagine our beautiful white Shutters in a more stunning setting? We have seen so many wonderfully designed spaces over the years, but this home in Leigh-on-Sea really took our breath away. Of course no other window dressing could possibly look as incredible as shutters here, but our customer also wanted them for their benefits when it comes to privacy. Not only can you flood a room with light if you so wish too, but our customer wanted the ability to have light come into the room, yet maximise privacy with the lower sections of the windows, of course very important in bedrooms. So the best design was of course a full height shutter, with a mid-rail, this gave the versatility required, whilst maintaining an easy to use configuration. What can we say, another happy customer! 

Project Details:    Windows: 2    Range: Elmstead    Cost: Under £3000


Beautifully Renovated Family Home, Southend-on-Sea, Essex

By browsing our projects you will have noticed that White Shutters are very much the most popular window dressing around. Of course the reason is simple, pure White simply designed Shutters suit virtually any home, but none more so that this clean, contemporary and stylish home in Southend-on-Sea. The Shutters really do let light flood the master bedroom, and from outside, this home really stands out from the rest on the street. We are sure our customer is the envy of her neighbours!  

Project Details:    Windows: 3    Range: Elmstead    Cost: Under £2500


Vaulty Manor, Wedding Venue, Maldon, Essex

At CP Shutters we have the knowledge, experience and products to take on any project, large or small, complex or simple. Within our portfolio of expertise, we have spent many years in and around the world of interior design. Here at Vaulty Manor in Essex, our designers eye was called into play. Our client required their Shutters to be both simple to use for guests, be easy to clean for staff and to fit elegantly into the theme of each room, whilst matching throughout the venue. The result, simple hidden rod Shutters, created using our beautiful Thaxted range in the ever popular Hall Grey finish. The plain, large louvres make using the Shutters and cleaning them effortless, whilst the simple configuration and colour choice blends perfectly into the surroundings.   

Project Details:    Windows: 8    Range: Thaxted    Cost: Under £5000


Modern Family Home, Shenfield, Essex

We encounter some beautiful homes in our line of work, none more so than this stunning home in Shenfield, Essex. Our customer had always wanted Shutters, not just for their aesthetic advantages, but also for practicality. The customer had young children, so a hard wearing easy to operate and clean Shutter was paramount. Our Elmstead LDF range gave exactly this, 5 layers of paint to resist scratching, a UV deflecting finish to prevent fading, the simple, 64mm louvres with a hidden rod for ease of use, and of course the ever popular pure white finish, to suit the minimal, modern feel of the home. At special request we also mounted the shutters flush with the recess of the windows, allowing easier access to the windows themselves. 

Project Details:    Windows: 6    Range: Elmstead    Cost: Under £3500


Traditionally Furnished Bungalow, Warley, Brentwood, Essex

Shabby Chic design of course has been very popular in recent times. We see many homes decorated in this style, but not many have been executed quite as well as this home in Brentwood. Shutters can suit any style, whether its ultra modern, country style and definitely look fantastic in traditional settings. Not only did our Shutters complete the look inside, but made this home stand out from the road, now our customer will be the envy of all her neighbours. 

Project Details:    Windows: 2    Range: Elmstead    Cost: Under £1700


Townhouse with Character, Southend-on-Sea, Essex

Although many of our customers request white shutters, some rooms are more suited to a specific colour. At this beautiful home in Southend, our customer was after shutters that suited their decor perfectly. The room in question was a very dark living room, located in the customers basement. The aim was to create a shutter that didn't inhibit light, whilst maximizing ease of use and most importantly, mimicked the colouration already existing in the room. This was achieved by selecting a shutter finished with the Farrow & Ball matched Elephants Air colour, and reduced the number of doors present. The result, a shutter that allows light to flood in, whilst fitting seamlessly into the current decor. Another happy customer!

Project Details:    Windows: 1    Range: Thaxted    Cost: Under £2000


Stylish Deep Brown Shutters, Southend-on-Sea, Essex

Not many of our clients are brave enough to choose such a strong colour, but the rewards are there for all to see. This beautiful Shutter has been finished in the elegant Brown Grey finish, found in our Thaxted range of Shutters. Our clients managed to colour match their paint and pick out elements such as their chimney breast in this same rich colour, adding a unique warmth to the room. Despite the dark tones, light still floods the room during the daytime, but the chocolaty hues mean the room feels extra cosy during the evening. 

Project Details:    Windows: 1    Range: Thaxted    Cost: Under £2000


Cafe Style Shutters, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

Cafe style Shutters are synonymous with Bay windows, yet can look amazing even on standard flat windows. This project in Leigh-on-Sea is testament to that. Technically, the project is not yet complete, as our customer is currently ordering more for the rest of the home. Initially they were just going to dress the Kitchen and Lounge windows, but now they want to do the whole house! That just proves how people fall in love with Shutters. Once they dress one window, they want to have them everywhere. 

Project Details:    Windows: 4    Range: Elmstead    Cost: Under £3000


Shutters for a Classic Victorian Home, Southend-on-Sea, Essex

South Essex is full of older properties with bags of character. Not every home owner knows how to decorate them with a modern feel without deterring from their homes inherent style. Our client in Southend-on-Sea however has done their property proud. Our Elmstead & Fambridge ranges fit seamlessly into the decor and provide the perfect window dressing.  Our Fambridge range used in the Bathroom is completely waterproof, featuring Marine Grade Stainless Steel working parts. 

Project Details:   Windows: 2    Range: Elmstead & Fambridge    Cost: Under £800


White Interior Window Shutters, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex

There is surely no better way to dress a curved bay window than with beautiful bespoke interior Shutters. Practical and minimal, this design has given our client a modern, clean window dressing, whilst maintaining a homely feel. The inclusion of a mid-rail gives the Shutter versatility, the top fan light can remain open, allowing sunlight to flood into the room, while the bottom section is closed maximizing privacy. Of course choosing white as a colour gives the shutters a longevity when it comes to decor. No matter what colour scheme the client chooses for the rooms over the years, the Shutters will suit it perfectly.

Project Details:   Windows: 2    Range: Elmstead    Cost: Under £2000


Standard & Special Shape Window Shutters, Blackmore, Essex

Many jobs we undertake are part of a much larger renovation project. None more beautiful than this gorgeous home on the outskirts of Blackmore, rural Essex. Our client had been inspired to in-cooperate Shutters in their home after a trip to the far east. They decided that they wanted a colonial backdrop to their stunning interior decor. What better way to achieve this than to introduce bespoke interior Shutters to the windows. The brief, clean crisp, easy to look after Shutters that frame the idyllic views enjoyed through each window. We can safely and proudly say, we met the brief.

Project Details:   Windows: 9    Range: Elmstead, Emerson & Fambridge    Cost: Under £6500


Imposing and Elegant Window Shutters, Hadleigh, Essex

We are blessed with being asked to work on some truly incredible projects. None more so than the beautiful development situated between Leigh-on-Sea and Hadleigh. Huge windows with bags of character, the only way to dress these windows was to use the finest Shutters money can buy. Of course the project needed to be accurate and cost effective, two things synonymous with CP Shutters.  

Project Details:   Windows: 6   Range: Elmstead    Cost: Under £5000