Shutters in Essex.

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Unmatched Precision, Flawless Installation

At CP Shutters we have spent over ten years honing our skills designing, measuring, creating and installing bespoke Custom Plantation Shutters. We have an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and expertise that gives us the unique ability to create Shutters that are tailored to your particular windows or doors. 

We take pride in making sure every Shutter we install is made with care and attention. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction has been achieved before we leave your home or ask for your balance.  

No window or door is too much of a challenge for our expert qualifiers or installers. We will always be completely honest with our clients, if a Shutter is not suitable for your window or door, we will not supply one.

The exact nature of our Shutters is not just down to our experience. Our traditional wooden product allows us to create Shutters with pinpoint accuracy. Only using wooden Shutters, we can have them crafted with millimetre precision, allowing us to not only make a Shutter that is beautiful, but also allows maximum light control.


Preparing the Area

A Shutter cannot be installed until the window or door to which it is being fitted has been cleared of any obstacles such as picture rails, wires or previous window coverings such as blinds. We always request that the customer ensures that the window or door is as clear as physically possible before we arrive.


Building the Shutter

Once the window or door is prepared, the Shutter needs to be assembled. All of our Shutters are shipped in separate pieces, it is the job of our installers to assemble both the framework and doors in your home. The completed frame is then lifted and fixed into place. Most larger Shutters are constructed from individual sections, this helps with weight distribution across the window or door. 


Hanging the Doors

When the framework is in place, Shutters doors have to be added. This is done by our installers skillfully hanging the doors off of their individual hinge sets. This job is harder than it looks, all doors must be level to ensure they open and close correctly, as well as look symmetrical to the window.  


Finishing Touches

Once a Shutter has been fitted it is still not finished. We take great care in making sure we seal all the edges with a fine line of caulk. This allows us to create a seamless finish, and hide any screw holes or fixing points around the perimeter of the Shutter.